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June 18, 2012 – Lincoln Financial Insurance Group Event – St. Regis

In celebration of its top sales personnel, the Lincoln Financial Insurance Group held a special event at the St. Regis Hotel on 18 June 2012. Over 300 attendees and VIPs from around the country were pleasantly surprised and entertained by a warm greeting and an enjoyable performance by our halau’s delightful keiki. It was a really fun evening for all at Hanalei Bay.

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June 11, 2012 – ‘Aha Hawaiian Studies Opening Ceremony – Lawa’i

Our halau had the honor of being invited to dance at a very special occasion on 11 June 2012—the ‘Aha Kūpuna Hawaiian Studies 2012 Opening Ceremony. Amidst the beauty of nature at Queen Emma’s Cottage in Lawa’i, Kaua’i, we danced four hula kahiko that honored the queen.

 An awa ceremony was also part of the protocol observed that day. Eighty Hawaiian cultural practitioners, kumu hula, musicians and cultural teachers from around the state participated.

 After the ceremonial opening had concluded, everyone had a chance to let their hair down, share food and drink, and celebrate our coming together—and to get ready for the next three days of packed activities: Kaua’i cultural visits and Hawaiian workshops which covered everything from kapa and plant dyes, lauahala weaving, hula, and Ni’ihau shell jewelry to Hawaiian salt-making.

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