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October 26–27, 2012 — KCA Fall Festival

The annual KCA Fall Festival is one of the biggest events on the North Shore of Kaua’i. Every year, it attracts families from all over the island to take part in the various carnival activities it offers.

This year, the festival fell on October 26 & 27, and happy crowds gathered to partake of the pony rides, petting zoo, airsoft wars, corn maze, silent auction, and lots of other wonderful entertainment.

Our halau was there too, not just to have fun but also to kokua and to give the gift of hula. We danced to some all-time favourite Hawaiian mele—Ka’ililauokekoa, Huki I Ke Kalo, Aloha Kaua’i, Holo Wa’a Pa, Nani Waiale’ale, and Hi’ilawe.   

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Sep 16–22, 2012 — Kaua’i Mokihana Festival Hula Competition

The 28th Kaua’i Mokihana Festival Hula Competition  was held in Wailua from 16 to 22 September 2012. This annual event is sponsored by the Malie Foundation and its partners in a joint effort to celebrate and perpetuate the richness of Hawaii’s history and culture.

Our halau took part in the festivities as well as the competition, and were very blessed to take first place in the Group Auana category as well as third place for the Solo Kupuna category. Everyone had a lot of fun and Kumu Lei was very proud of them.

All in all, the festival was a truly eye-opening, stretching and growing experience for all participants, and a great opportunity to exercise the values of lokahi, malama, kokua, aloha and ohana.

Competition data

Group Auana — 1st Place

  • Hula — La’ieikawai for ka’i and ho’i
  • Hula — Ka Pilina
  • Dancers — Kiyo Braverman, Debbee Grady, Aunty Cyrila, Linda Grazier, Wailana Grippe, Lilinoe Amendola

Solo Kupuna — 3rd Place

  • Hula — Aloha Kaua’i for ka’i and ho’i
  • Hula — Mana’o Pili
  • Dancer – Wailana Grippe

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