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October 5/6, 2013 – 17th Annual Coconut Festival

The Royal Coconut Coast, off the Wailua River, holds much historical, cultural and archeological significance for Kaua’i.

In line with its mission “to promote, preserve and enhance the quality of life and business along the Royal Coconut Coast”, the Kapa’a Business Association presented Kaua’i’s 17th Annual Coconut Festival Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th at the Kapa’a Beach Park.

This annual event celebrates all that is coconut, with unique coconut-related crafts and games, delicious coconut-derived food, and coconut-inspired contests. It also boasts the participation of some of the best craftsmen, artists, and entertainers in Hawai’i!

Our halau danced at this cultural festival on October 6, sharing the stage with Hawaii’s top-selling female vocalist and songwriter, Amy Hānaiali’i.  

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September 2013 – ’Uli’uli-Making Workshop

Making one’s own inplements is an important thing in the study of hula, and when knowledge and experience gained from earlier workshops can be combined in the making of another item, it’s an exciting and eye-opening activity indeed!

In a recent practical workshop, the intermediate papa hula completed a lengthy but very rewarding process – making their own ‘uli’uli. After gathering, picking and preparing various native Hawaiian plants to make the necessary dyes, the ladies stamped their kapa with ohe kapala and made their ’uli’uli with hackle feathers and la’amea gourds filled with ali’i poe, finishing them with rattan wraps.

Each set of ’uli’uli certainly took many hours to make, and every step was done together as a class… so our time together was filled with talk story, laughing, eating, dancing, eating some more, but no gossip – for real!

The finished product is something that each of us is proud of. We are looking forward to dancing with our new hula implements.

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