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August 2013 — Lei Hulu Workshop

Making one’s own adornments is an important aspect of being a hula dancer. And it’s not just about making things that look pretty — it’s about developing skill, patience, discipline and perseverance, especially with items as intricate as a lei hulu.

For this workshop that happened somewhere between late summer and early fall, we got together at Kumu Lei’s home to really settle down to the task. We washed, cut, primped and organised thousands of feathers, and then sat down to wili. It takes a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but the end products — our very own handmade lei po’o hulu — are nani loa.

We really appreciated this time we had to work together, talk and laugh… and we ended the workshop with Kumu Lei making dinner for everyone present. It was a great day all round.

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