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December 5, 2015 — Kilauea Christmas Tree Lighting Feast

The annual Kilauea Christmas Tree Lighting Feast, held this year at Kilauea Dispensary Park, saw a crowd of over 500 gathering to share the festive spirit on December 5. Brightly adorned with Christmas ornaments of their own, the hālau’s keiki classes did us all proud and brought plenty of good cheer to the event. The big crowd-pleaser proved to be the littlest keiki, who were performing for their first time—they charmed the audience who wore big smiles as they cheered and clapped in encouragement and delight.

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As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and look to close the year and begin a new one, we wish all of our readers, friends and supporters a truly blessed Christmas!


November 15, 2015 — Huakaʻi visit to Hikinaakala and Pihanakalani

Our Keiki Mohala papa hula (class) visited an ancient heiau, Hikinaakala, in Wailua, on Kaua’i. There, they had the privilege to connect with moʻolelo (stories) about Moʻikeha, a Kauaʻi high chief, and his arrival in Wailua.

According to the stories, Mo’ikeha’s granddaughter, Kaʻililauokekoa, later became a Kauaʻi chiefess. A tale goes that one day, she was awakened by a beautiful mele (song) played on a flute. Entranced, she followed the sound of this love song,and her path took her upland on the Kuamoʻo Ridge… all the way up to Pihanakalani. There, she met the musician Kauakahialiʻi, and they fell in love. In time, they ruled Kauaʻi together.

The huaka’i second stop, therefore, was Pihanakalani. The place is now owned by the Hindu organization. There, the girls danced, connected, and appreciated the beauty and mana of the place. It was an enriching cultural experience for everyone present.

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