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Christmas 2015

Christmas is often a busy period for Kumu Lei and the hālau, though there is always time to spend with ohana. Here, we share snapshots of the wahine papa hula’s Christmas celebration at the St Regis, as well as a beautiful image of Kumu Lei and her two mo’opuna (granddaughters) presenting a Christmas hula during the Ohana Christian Fellowship’s Christmas programme.

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Fun Times and a Look Behind the Scenes

As each year closes, it’s common to look back over all that has happened and smile at the memories brought back by certain images, items and songs. In this post, we share some of the fun times we had as a hula ohana, as well as a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of various events and performances.

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Miscellaneous Private Lessons and Private Shows

Apart from running the hālau and conducting various lessons in her several official capacities, Kumu Lei also frequently gives private lessons to small groups or individuals. She also performs at several private shows and during these, she occasionally has a few haumana joining her. Here are snapshots from just a few of the many events that happened in 2015.

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August 2015 — Hula Intensive with Kahanoa Floresca

In August 2015, Aunty Kahanoa Floresca, who leads the San Diego, California branch of our hālau under Kumu Lei’s direction, was on Kaua’i for a hula intensive with Kumu. That meant six days of intensive hula lessons, not only in the dance form alone but also in Hawaiian culture, traditions and history, so that Aunty Kahanoa would have plenty of material to bring back and teach to her students in San Diego.

This trip, Aunty Kahanoa’s studies with Kumu Lei included lei making, with a focus on the wili (winding, twisting) style and lei hulu (feather lei), as well as huaka’i (field trip) to a wahi pana (an ancient, culturally special location).

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October 2015 — Lei La’i-Making Workshop for Keiki

Ti plants are ubiquitous in Hawai’i and ti is also one of the most common materials used in lei-making. At a lei-making class in October 2015, the hālau’s keiki learned how to use their wāwae (feet and toes) to make lei la’i (ti leaf lei). They were very proud of their completed lei. The workshop also gave them a good opportunity to practise, as they will be preparing their own adornments for their next performance.

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October 2015 — Lei Kipu’u Kukui-Making Workshop

There are many different types of lei, and many different lei-making techniques. Learning about them and learning how to work them are both important in hula. In October 2015, Kumu Lei held one of her frequent lei-making workshops for the haumana, and this time the spotlight was on lei kipu’u kukui — kukui leaf lei made in the kipu’u style.

The ladies spent time gathering lau kukui (kukui leaves) and sorting them out by size, after which Kumu Lei taught them how to knot the leaves together in the kipu’u style to make lush, beautiful lei. It is always an enjoyable time spent when hula sisters gather to make lei together!

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