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October 8, 2016 — Eō E Emalani I Alakaʻi (Emalani Festival)

Eō E Emalani I Alakaʻi is an annual festival held on the second Saturday of October to commemorate Queen Emalani’s 1871 journey to Waimea-uka and the Alaka’i Kōkeʻe State Park in Kaua’i. Set mainly in Kanaloahuluhulu Meadow, the yearly re-enactment of highlights from the amazing trek made by Queen Emma (1836-1885; also known as Kalanikaumakaʻamano Kaleleonālani Naʻea Rooke) and a large group of about 100 companions into the rough but beautiful wild terrain of the Alaka’i swamp and mountains are a warm tribute to the much-loved and respected queen.

This 28th edition of the event saw, as usual, selected individuals from the community playing the roles of the queen, her retainers and the guide Kaluahi; we and other hālau from Kaua’i, O’ahu and California were there to share the gift of hula. There were also various performances by musicians and singers, and exhibits and fringe activities, as well as food stands, for all attendees to enjoy.

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