Kaua'i, Hawaii

Weddings/Vow Renewals/Blessings

Kumu Leihiʻilani is an ordained minister and is licensed in the State of Hawaii to officiate weddings, vow renewals, as well as house and land blessings. Because there are many requests for Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, she incorporates Hawaiian symbolisms and metaphors to traditional American non-denominational wedding ceremonies. Some of the Hawaiian elements she uses are:

Hawaiian oli (chants)
Paʻakai (salt from Hanapepe)
Kai (ocean water)
One (sand)
Kalo (taro)
Kapa (tapa)
Lei (garlands)

These Hawaiian elements represent principles of love, commitment, forgiveness, protection, blessing, and vow preservation. These values impacted by Hawaiian elements are a powerful, spiritual, and meaningful way to make your wedding ceremony memorable on your special day in Hawaii.

These Hawaiian elements also impact your land/house/business blessing, introducing and emphasising the importance of protection, commitment, and kuleana (responsibility) to God and to one another.

Kumu Lei will meet each one who contacts her with a request, and will customise each ceremony according to the specific needs and desires of each individual/family/group.

Contact: 808-822-3016, 808-639-0862 or leihiilani@gmail.com